Ruslana Mirzaalieva

Ruslana Mirzaalieva

Director, Art Director, Character Designer

I have been working in the animation industry since 2013. I have experience managing teams as an art director and animation director since 2017. I can also art direct projects with multiple styles; in one of such projects, there were 18 styles.

In 2019, I directed a music video for the Ukrainian singer Ivan Dorn. The work became a part of a large campaign in collaboration with WWF, aimed at preserving the habitats of birds whose voices were used in the track. The video received over 20 awards at festivals worldwide: D&AD, Golden Drum, Cresta, One Show, Caples, and others.

Adobe Creative magazine interviewed me for the Best of Behance section in 2018. I have given 20 lectures on different stages since 2015: in schools, studios, and festivals.

In my works, I do not stick to a single style because I believe that the style should stem from the project's idea to reinforce it. Deep knowledge of composition, color, and visual storytelling helps me lead projects in almost any style and create a visual language ideally suited to the project.

I also love street art and dream that one of the projects will come out on a wall because I think our offline environment needs color. I am concerned about the feminist agenda and the fight against violence, patriarchy, and inequality, and I am happy to participate in projects on social issues. I love to observe how people express themselves through their clothes, behavior, or facial expressions. I collect photos with interesting examples and transfer them into my drawings. I design characters on almost all my projects.

Oleg Kulinich

Oleg Kulinich

Director, 3D Visual Researcher

I have an engineering background: I’m a graduate of the "Automation Systems Management and Control" department.

There, I became interested in filming, worked at the student television as an operator and editor, and later as an executive editor.

From 2012 to 2017, I worked as a freelancer as an animator and director.

From 2017 to the present, I have been working with Petrick — first as an animator, then as an art director and director.

As a director, I have participated in such studio projects as “Zemfira – Austin” (Berlin Music Video Awards: Best Music Video) and “Angry Birds Dream Blast” (NYX Game Awards: Grand Winner).

My engineering education helps me understand technical details, and my experience as a director (and the number of films I watched) lets me come up with storylines. For me, each project is like a construction set. The number of details is limited, but imagination is not. Even with a small number of pieces you can build something interesting. Each time it's a surprise — which brick will be the missing one? A speck of dust in the sun's rays? A glare on the camera? Or a small scratch?

Ilya Buzinov


Director, Lead Animator

I am an animator, teacher, and director with 10 years of experience in the industry. I have led the animation and directed more than 200 projects and taught animation directing to about ten students at the HSE ART & design school.

After finishing the animation directing course, for several years I worked on motion design and mapping for music concerts. Later, I immersed myself in the animation world, becoming the lead animator in Guy Germanika's project "What it's like to be a real man" in 2016. The film was shown at many major domestic festivals and received various awards.

Since 2019, I have been working at Petrick as a director and lead animator. During this time, I have participated in many studio projects, including directing animation for music videos by Austin and Dich, which have received awards at international festivals such as Annecy, Berlin Music Video Awards, D&AD, and many others.

I have extensive experience working in the gaming industry, having directed videos for games such as Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, Atomic Heart, and others.

As a director, I pay a lot of attention to movement and rhythm. It's important for me to create interesting choreography and editing for the animated characters. In animation, I especially love cinematic techniques, when I can convey an idea not only through the action or reaction of the animated character but also through a special perspective or precise detail.

Vova Orlov


Director, Lead Animator, Puppet master

I was finishing my master's degree in economics and felt that numbers were not my thing. I wanted to deal with real magic. That's when I started studying animation, first at Animation School, and then with Sasha Dorogov.

In 2015, I started working at Petrick as a classical animator, and soon I plunged into pixel art. Over the past 6 years, I have been involved in all the pixel projects of the studio and have been the lead animator on many projects, including award-winning ones at festivals such as ADC, White Square, G8, and others.

Now I also work as a director. My debut project, a music video for the Norwegian performer Aurora, was the studio's first puppet work, and a meeting point of my favorite work and my main hobby - model building. As one of my hobbies for the past 15 years, I have been assembling and painting miniatures and creating dioramas.

In my opinion, the best animation can be seen not in flashy action scenes, but in slow, subtle scenes, where even the slightest movements of a character can reveal their inner feelings. Humor is also important to me in my work. It's a powerful tool, so even in serious stories, I try to find a place for a moment that will make people smile, to enhance the emotional range of the video.

Denis Pisarev

Denis Pisarev

Art Director, Character Designer

Initially, I studied wooden architecture restoration, then I switched to animation. I had planned to go to university to study directing, but I ended up working at a small animation studio where I learned many programs, from Photoshop to 3D MAX. In addition to this, I took animation courses from Sasha Dorogov, drawing courses from Leonid Ilyukhin, and attended the Gobelins summer school.

I tried out different aspects of production such as animation, design, motion graphics, compositing, and gradually moved into the field of directing. I spent a long period of time working on promo videos for mobile games as an art director. At the same time, I developed my skills in character design and always tried to find authenticity, stylization, and dynamics in my work.

At some point, I realized the power of teamwork. It's super cool when you delegate tasks and share responsibilities with teammates, as things get done faster and better.

Katya Mikheeva

Katya Mikheeva

Director, Animator, Character Designer

I have been creating animation since 2016. My passion is short animated films.

In 2018, I made the film "Dacha, Aliens, Cucumbers," which successfully traveled the world: it was shown at festivals in South Korea, Estonia, France, Finland, Ukraine, Budapest, Russia, the Netherlands, and Taiwan.

In 2020, I graduated from the animation department at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and entered the French animation directing school Poudrière. In the same year, I made two films: the documentary short "Can We Talk?" and my graduation project "Cyber-Eva," both of which were selected for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival program.

In 2022, I completed the program at Poudrière with my graduation project "Dans la danse/In the Dance."

In my films, I am practically responsible for the narrative, visual, and animation parts. I am a master of experimenting with artistic techniques and design, attentive to details, and a person of action. I do hip-hop freestyle and believe that my movement practice and animation are complementary and inseparable.

Alexander Kovalevskiy

Alexander Kovalevskiy

3D generalist

It all began for me during my childhood and my time at art school.

I then pursued an academic education in the field of fine arts and spent some time working on the design of architectural and interior metal objects.

As I started to delve into 3D tools, I gradually realized that CG was the field I wanted to immerse myself in completely.

I gained my first industry experience at a video mapping studio.

Later on, I transitioned to freelancing and primarily worked on advertising projects and game cinematics as a motion designer and visual effects artist.

After getting to know the folks at the Petrick studio, I happily accepted their offer to become part of the team.

Dasha Kuznetsova

Dasha Kuznetsova

3D generalist

In 2015, I enrolled at the British Higher School of Art and Design for illustration, where I discovered references to 3D stuff and furry carpet.

I was impressed, learned a bit of Cinema 4D, and ended up at Petrick.

Then it seemed to me that characters and I were from different universes, so I switched to motion design and worked at WRS Studio for a while.

But on every project, instead of beautiful abstract shapes, I ended up with balls with eyes.

That's when I realized I love characters and all things animated and returned to Petrick.

Ivan Shumov

Ivan Shumov

3D generalist

At the age of 4, I saw a Spider-Man animated series on TV and drew him obsessively on all surfaces until I entered art school. There, I drew many comics and dreamed of making cartoons.

For a while, I stepped away from the goal of becoming an animator, studying architecture at university and trying different 3D editors, gradually making computer graphics, and then animation, my profession.