Misha Petrick

Misha Petrick

Founder, Head of Development
Nadya Petrick

Nadya Petrick

Co-founder, New Business

Misha Petrick

Founder, Head of Development and Creative Director

— How long have you been working in this field?

I think since 2014

— What's your job in the studio?

My job is to combine the daily tasks of an entrepreneur and a creative director. Nadya and I are responsible for taking all high-level decisions for the studio. We meticulously choose projects that can unveil each director's potential and lead to the best result for the client.

We form a team for the projects together with producers and directors. I normally join all important calls and oversee each project. But I do try to trust the team on calling the shots.

— What do you like about your job?

I like being helpful and I love those moments when a smart solution is born. But most of all I appreciate moments when the team is happy with the results of a project. It brings me inner harmony.

— What do you hate about the job?

A long chain of communication where important feedback gets lost in translation.

— If you have one, what is your dream?

I want the studio to outlive me.

— What's your top-3 animation movie recommendation?

Story of One Crime (1962), Revolting Rhymes (2016), Perfect Blue (1997)

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