Ruslana Mirzaalieva

Director, Art Director and Character Designer

— How long have you been working in this field?


— What's your job in the studio?

Depends on the project: art direction, direction, or character design.

— What do you like about your job?

Brainstorming cool visual solutions and trying to improve the result together with the team. Brainstorming characters.

— What do you hate about the job?

Giving feedback to freelancers that they need to change something.

— If you have one, what is your dream?

Visit the Blendfest festival in Vancouver, host a public talk there together with the Petrick team, and chat with foreign colleagues.

— What's your top-3 animation movie recommendation?

Paprika, I lost my body, Kill la kill

Projects by Ruslana Mirzaalieva