Laimon Fresh
Singing Cans
If you look at the can from above, you can see a smiling mouth and eyes. From this observation, the idea for the Laimon Fresh advertising campaign came up. The guys from the agency Contrapunto decided not only to revive the banks, but also to make them sing in different ways. The sound was based on the motives of the famous Russian song “Here it is, our summer”. The agency rethought the words and created three tracks in the style of rave, rap and pop
Play this madness
When developing the videos, we paid special attention to working out the appearance of the cans themselves. The characters had no arms and legs, while they had to not only sing, but also dance. As a result, different characters were born: rappers hanging out by car, ravers on the tape of the supermarket and pop artist on a hot beach

Laimon Fresh




Katya Mikheeva

Creative producer

Misha Petrick


Nadya Petrick


Sergei Ryzhov
Katya Mikheeva
Artem Kovyazin


Katya Mikheeva

3D Animators

Ilia Buzinov
Alex Petrovsky
Alexander Sanakoev

3D Modelers

Alex Petrovsky
Dmitry Gusev

3D Visualization

Alex Petrovsky

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