Bank Online
Russian bank Sber went through a drastic change and rebranding and so did its online app. Our team developed 3D characters that will represent the latter from now on. We also created a 3D video about Sber Bank Online starring those characters

The client wanted to create a male and a female figure — a couple, who would walk people through the SBOL application updates. Besides showing users new features, the characters are planned to be introduced to the further communication of SBOL: they will be integrated to the website, the app and will take part in brand image videos


For the sake of consistency of the whole vision and for the characters’ styles to go well with the props, we had to create the props from scratch, too. First we created 2D designs and then based 3D models on them


In order for Sber to be able to use the characters in the future, we were asked to rig characters in Cinema 4D — a software used by the client in-house. As for animation the main task was to create lively and emotional characters who would fit well in the virtual world of Sber Online 

We tried to show the whole spectrum of characters’ emotions and movements so that the final video serves as a guide for the client in the future


While we were developing the script we thought through several versions of the background. Eventually, we picked the one that gave more contrast between the interface of the app and the domestic scenes. For the scenes with the interface we stuck with more tech-y visuals, while domestic scenes were created with a more cozy atmosphere


Sber Bank Online

Animation Studio


Creative Director

Misha Petrick


Oleg Kulinich


Polina Fufarova
Nadya Petrick

3D Modeling

Alexander Sanakoev
Alex Petrovsky
Oleg Kulinich
Pasha Ho
Alex Orlov

3D Animation

Ilya Buzinov
Vladimir Orlov
Oleg Kulinich
Pasha Ho

3D Visualization

Oleg Kulinich
Pasha Ho
Alex Petrovsky
Alexander Sanakoev

Render Artists

Stepan Evstratov
Denis Bogush
Stas Tretyak

Colorscript and Props’ Design

Valeria Lugovaya

3D Character Design and Rigging

Pasha Ho

2D Character Design

Nastya Lobanova

Music & SFX

Alexander Maslyuk