Committee Against Torture
Police Cartoons
The project is devoted to the topic of tortures in Russia and is based on police officers’ testimonials. Developed together with Zebra Hero for the Committee Against Torture and is timed to coincide with International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on June, 26
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The project got more than 10 nominations and awards at different festivals around the world including ADCR — Gold and Effie Russia — Gold

Statistically, 3 in 4 people who reported being tortured by police officers in Russia are rejected in initiating a criminal case. The main reason for rejecting is usually police officers’ testimonials, where they explain injuries by made up and absurd situations. Zebra Hero agency’s team studied through the archives shared by the Committee and merged real testimonials given by officers into a script. Police reports were read out by Russian celebrities


When we were developing design, we looked at different characters, for example from early Disney films and Looney Tunes. We couldn’t decide whether we should add human attributes to the characters. Like, should the animals be clothed? The appearance of the animals and their characters were based on the testimonials


Our task was to reconstruct absurd and unreal stories with animation. We took inspiration from cartoon universes, where characters can injure themselves without feeling any pain. While studying the references we tried to determine the extent to which violence can be perceived as a funny game. Some scenes were very hard to visualize because of highly illogical police reports

We thank Zebra Hero team and Committee Against Torture for inviting us to collaborate on this project, important for both our country and present-day agenda.


Zebra Hero


Felix Umarov

Creative Producer

Misha Petrick


Nadia Petrick
Polina Fufarova

Art direction & Character Design

Ruslana Mirzaalieva


Vova Orlov
Ruslan Mirzaalieva

Environment Design

Valeria Lugovaya

2D Animation

Vova Orlov
Karina Pogorelova
Tanya Strekalova
Pasha Borisov


Valera Zarytovsky
Inga Shafeeva
Tanya Strekalova
Karina Pogorelova


Pasha Borisov
Ruslana Mirzaalieva

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