Super Sobaka
Collaborational non-profit project for a Moscow-based dog shelter Super Dog of artists, animation designers, musicians, actors, video bloggers, singers and a screenwriter, organised by Petrick studio
Say "Yes" to Love

Taking inspiration from 90-s aesthetics and offline dating services we decided to develop a project where nine different dogs would introduce themselves as amazing life partners and explain how badly they dream of a human to take them in

In the course of the project we developed a concept and guidelines, wrote scripts, created design and animation of the dogs in different styles, as well as an intro, a jingle and a landing page —

Favourite quote: To be happy, you have to believe in happiness. Female, 2 years, spayed, vaccinated. Tender, affectionate and sometimes a tiny bit anxious small dog who is always looking for someone

Favourite quote: Friends are not chosen, they are given by heaven. Females, 5 and 6 years, spayed, vaccinated. Always together: walking, sleeping and even eating. Molly is shy and fussy, while Jullie is lively and sharp: a true guardian of her friend

Favourite quote: Remember the main rule: there’s nothing impossible. Male, 2 years, neutered, vaccinated. Teddy adores those, who adore throwing a ball

Favourite quote: Think before you think. Male, 6 years, neutered, vaccinated. Knows how to be a good listener and sagely sit together in silence. He knows both sadness and happiness, but he also knows how to value a friendship

Dima Sienduk

Иван Fleewortep

Favourite quote: Success is falling nine times and getting up ten. Female, 3 years, spayed, vaccinated. Hates to be in low spirits. She’s always up for something, bouncing about and looking for things

Favourite quote: It's hard to resist a bad boy who is a good man. Male, 8 years, neutered, vaccinated. Kind, cold-minded and wise dog. His biggest dream is to always be together with his human and devote all his loyalty to them

Favourite quote: When you love roses, you have to bear with the spikes… Female, 6 years, spayed, vaccinated. The beauty queen of the shelter. This girl moves people’s hearts and dreams with just a sweep of her eyelashes (or tail)

Evgenia Borzikh

Tanja Stevanovic

Vova Orlov

Favourite quote: “One can control emotions, but not the heartbeat”. Male, 6 years, neutered, vaccinated. Big-hearted guy. He is extremely clever, knows several tricks and is always ready to learn some new ones

Ivan Dorn

Sergei Ryzhov

Karina Pogorelova

Lesha Petrick

Favourite quote: Hope, Believe, Dolly. Female, 3 years, spayed, vaccinated. Talkative, very tender and joyful dog. She knows how to enjoy the littlest things in life and how to love with the biggest love


Katya Mikheeva

Pasha Ho


The main channel of the project was Instagram. All participants of the collaborative project, including influencers, shared the work in their profile, tagging the shelter’s page. This helped us increase the number of followers in Super Dog’s profile, who will now take part in the shelter’s everyday life. We also developed a landing page with 90-s aesthetics where we focused on the topic of love —

As a result, the project was mentioned across many Russian media. Super Dog’s profile gained more than 14k new followers. But the most important result is that some of the dogs already have found new homes
Super Team

Super Sobaka

Shelter Manager

Maria Seregina


Nadya Petrick

Creative Producer

Misha Petrick


Nadya Petrick
Polina Fufarova

Art Director

Ruslana Mirzaalieva


Natasha Romashova


Sasha DZA

Sound Design

Alexander Maslyuk


ESH Gruppa

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