This story is inspired by real events that happened at our office during winter. Dedicated to our dear friend, Fly
In Summer 2018 we launched and managed an artist collaboration called Maneki-neco. Misha Petrick, the founder of the studio, came up with a neon cat design

Being huge fans of feasible artifacts, we decided to order a real neon sign with that design

Every day the sign has delighted our eye, greeted and farewelled our guests, colored the room into nice pink-blue colors

But one day something happened

We noticed some kind of burnt odor which led us directly to the sign. A part of the neon cat was not working anymore, while the sign itself emitted an unpleasant odor

When we looked closely we saw that something had gotten stuck between neon tubes and therefore caused the power failure. That something was a fly - little and barely visible dweller of our office. Floating freely in a spacious studio, it initiated a too-close encounter with the neon cat

We decided to honor the memory of the flying creature by making a short cartoon about its daily life in the office and the tragedy, that happened from the pure love for our beatiful sign
Favorite activities of a cheerful fly
Script and Direction

Ruslana Mirzaalieva


Misha Petrick
Nadya Petrick


Ruslana Mirzaalieva

Supervising animator

Vova Orlov


Karina Pogorelova

Cleanup and Painting

Slava Kovalev
Inga Shafeeva


Misha Petrick
Ruslana Mirzaalieva

Sound designer

Alexander Maslyuk

Titles design

ESH Gruppa

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