Rostelecom is the biggest provider of digital services in Russia. After having a major rebranding, the company launched manifestos declaring its’ inner values with a goal to inspire the employees. Our studio created a video about one of these values: development. We came up with a graphical metaphor for each statement. As development is all about discovering different and novel things, we decided to underline this diversity by using various techniques in our project
Rostelecom — Development

Development. It’s not about technology alone. It’s also about us. Both now and in the future. Technology is in our hands. Desire to learn is in our minds. Learn from each other. Learn to understand others peoples’ needs. Foresee them. The know-how plus the understanding of people. An easy formula for development that changes the lives of millions. Yesterday it was just a bright idea, a first step made with a likeminded team. Today it is a revolutionary product or service. Tomorrow it will be routine and vital. Then there is a new search. For new ideas. Best solutions. Development means having an undying flame in the eyes. Striving for aim continuously and seeing a new one right after it was achieved. When every step makes us second to none. When there is no such thing as the last step because you want to change the world. Yes. The only way to see the future is to pave it yourself. We are Rostelecom. We create the future.
Cutting-edge technology is not the sole reason that improves us. There’s also personal growth. First, we show the timelapse of technological advances. Then, we use familiar things like photos, decor, and awards to show how a personality is developed.

Modeling — Elena Dragun
Animation, rendering — Alex Petrovsky

Design — Misha Petrick, Alena Voronkova
Everything one needs for development is technology as a tool and people as a source.

Modeling — Dmitry Gusev
Animation, rendering — Alex Petrovsky

Technology is accessible as never before. There are various user-friendly tools for development and growth.

Design — Katya Dorokhina
Animation — Vadim Luks

Here’s an example from the company itself. Rostelekom is not only about telecommunication, but also about Smart Home solutions. We show the whole process of development: from the idea and prototyping to the product and complete Smart Home solution.

Design — Ruslana Mirzaalieva, Seva Vyvodtsev
Animation — Ilia Buzinov

New search — new ideas. Flipchart represents collaboration between people, where everyone can share anything — from initial flowchart to abstract art.

Design — Ruslana Mirzaalieva
Animation — Pavel Borisov
Rendering — Oleg Kulinich

One can learn something from anyone. We show how a team can develop one particular idea. Variety shuttlecocks that appear after the first one embodies the desire of each team member to share their experience.

Design — Ruslana Mirzaalieva
Animation — Vova Orlov

In order to change something at any level (wether it is a person, a department, a company, a market or the whole world) one needs to develop constantly. We show an endless highway with numerous finish points.

Design — Ruslana Mirzaalieva
Modeling, animation, rendering — Oleg Kulinich




Oleg Kulinich

Creative Producer

Misha Petrick


Nadya Petrick
Polina Fufarova


Alexander Maslyuk


Oleg Kulinich
Seva Vyvodtsev
Katya Dorokhina
Alena Voronkova
Ruslana Mirzaalieva

2D Animators

Vova Orlov
Ilya Buzinov
Pavel Borisov
Vadim Luks
Oleg Kulinich


Lena Dragun
Nikita Melnikov
Oleg Kulinich
Alex Petrovsky
Dmitry Gusev

3D Animators

Ilya Buzinov
Oleg Kulinich
Nikita Melnikov
Alex Petrovsky

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