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Jun 26

We just upload new collaboration project for a Moscow-based dog shelter Super Dog, link

Petrick, Jul 9 2020

Wood Pencil / Music Videos / Animation / 2020, — link

D&AD Awards, Jun 20 2020

Congratulations!!! Wild has been chosen for the Official competition of the 2020 Annecy International Animation Film Festival in the commissioned films category, — link

Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Apr 15 2020

This story is inspired by real events that happened at our office during winter. Dedicated to our dear friend, Fly, — link

Petrick, Apr 8 2020

Диплом в категории «Лучшая работа в прикладной анимации» с формулировкой «за виртуозное использование всей гаммы выразительных средств ради высокой цели» фильму «ДИЧЬ», — link

Suzdal Animation Festival, Mar 15 2020

Tretyakov Gallery “Russian Fairytales” Teaser by Petrick, — link

STASH, Feb 28 2020

Tretyakov Gallery — Russian Fairytales (pub par Petrick pour une expo), — link

Catsuka, Feb 27 2020

Your video, Tretyakov Gallery — Russian Fairytales, has been added to WINE after COFFEE on Vimeo, — link

WINE after COFFEE, Feb 26 2020

Short Pick Of The Day: ‘Wild’ by Petrick, link

Cartoon Brew, Nov 4 2019

WWF® — Birds Records, link

Ads of the World, Oct 20 2019

Your video, Иван Дорн — Дичь, has been added to Everything Animated on Vimeo, link

Everything Animated, Oct 11 2019

Your video, Иван Дорн — Дичь, has been added to WINE after COFFEE on Vimeo, link

Wine After Coffee, Oct 11 2019

Birds Records: Saving Birds with Birdsong, link

STASH MEDIA, Oct 11 2019

Иван Дорн — Дичь, link

Motionographer, Oct 10 2019

«Мы говорим вам через Ивана: нас очень мало, нам очень сложно», link

Meduza, Oct 10 2019


Motionographer, Sep 16 2019

Congratulations and a huge high five: your video is a Vimeo Staff Pick!, link

Vimeo, Sep 6 2019

A Very Unofficial Rebrand for Moscow’s Coat of Arms, link

STASH MEDIA, Sep 5 2019

33 художника из России нарисовали свои варианты герба Москвы. Теперь там полиция, Собянин и поверженный Годзилла, link

Meduza, Sep 5 2019

We upload new collaboration with 33 Russian artists — ГЕРБ МОСКВЫ (Coat of Arms of Moscow), link

Petrick, Sep 5 2019

Jason Weight shared our Maneki cats and this post got over 2700 retweets, link

@aJasonWeight, Apr 8 2019

LEGO's Birthday Studio Gives Parents Party Instructions, link

Trendhunter, Feb 22 2019

Le lead de ce projet déclarant avoir été inspiré par un autre projet similaire animé par différents artistes (russes) : Maneki-Neko Collection, mené par le studio Petrick, link

CATSUKA, Oct 25 2018

Say Hello to the “Maneki-neko Collection”, link

STASH MEDIA, Aug 24 2018

招き猫 | Maneki-Neko Collection get over 900K views on Facebook, link

CGI for Everybody, Aug 22 2018

26 cat designs: 12 drawing, 7 3D-style, 6 flat-style and 8bit one.
招き猫 | Maneki-Neko Collection

Petrick, Aug 20 2018

Your video, Keplertek | AI & Robotics Ecosystem, has been added to WINE after COFFEE on Vimeo, link

Wine After Coffee, Jul 9 2018

Breaking news: Buro 24/7's Prada Doll House is nominated for a Webby Award, link

Büro 24/7, Apr 4 2017

PRADA DOLL HOUSE nominee on Best Use of Animation in Motion Graphics in ADVERTISING, MEDIA, & PR Category. Büro 24/7, link


What Instagram Would Look Like If It Ran on Windows 95, link

Fubiz, Aug 24 2016

This Is What Instagram Would Look Like On Windows 95, link

KONBINI, Aug 7 2016

What Instagram Would Be Like If It Ran on Windows 95, link

BOOOOOOOM, Aug 4 2016

Come sarebbe stato Instagram ai tempi di Windows 95, link

WIRED, Aug 3 2016

A Designer Imagined How Awful Instagram Would Have Been on Windows 95, link

GIZMODO, Aug 2 2016

This Is What Instagram Would Have Looked Like on Windows 95. Filters and like buttons included, link

HYPEBEAST, Aug 2 2016

Instagram for Win95, link

Collater, Aug 2 2016

Instagram for Windows 95 is everything I wanted it to be, link

THE NEXT WEB, Aug 1 2016

designer goes back in time to bring us instagram for windows 95, link

designboom, Aug 1 2016

If Instagram Ran on Windows 95...
"Instagram.exe" shows how far design has come, link

VICE, Aug 1 2016

We upload our Instagram for Win95 via Behance

Petrick, Aug 1 2016

Office tale of Misha Petrick, founder and art director of the Petrick animation, link

Baron, Apr 1 2016

Watch: The Revenant by Tarkovsky, link

FILMMAKER, Feb 3 2016

8-bit GIFs of Mad Max: Fury Road Vehicles Make Us Want a Retro Game, link

Heavy Metal, Sep 22 2015

Adorable Food Gifs for Elementaree by Misha Petrick, link

Ateriet, Aug 5 2015

Awesome, Retro Video-Game GIFs of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, link

FLAVORWIRE, Jul 29 2015

Mad Max Animations by Misha Petrick, link


This supercut of cars falling off of cliffs will crash-land...in your heart, link

Splinter, Jun 30 2015

The Supreme Satisfaction of Cars Flying Off of Cliffs, link

VICE, Jun 30 2015

MAD MAX Fury Road 8 bit, link


We upload first car from our fan pixel art project via Behance — MAD MAX Fury Road

Petrick, Jun 2 2015